BAS Portfolio Requirements

Students are required to submit an online application:   

The online application will direct students to submit the BAS portfolio. All digital portfolio submissions must be made as a single pdf, to: For those who are not able to make the electronic submission the option to submit a hard copy portfolio is still available. Details regarding the hard copy submission are listed at the end of the requirements:


1. Choose a manufactured object: e.g. an object of any size and in any condition (new or in a state of decay). Draw the object as you see it. DO NOT DRAW THE OBJECT FROM A PHOTOGRAPH. Make an effort to show special quality of the object, e.g. its roughness or its smooth softness, manufactured property, etc. You can use any technique to draw it. Use A4 paper (210 x 297mm – the size of this sheet).  Include all your rough work.

2. Draw a portrait of an elderly person in his or her favourite place - this should be a real person whom you know, and a real place. Use any drawing technique and A4 size paper. Again, draw by direct observation – NOT FROM A PHOTOGRAPH.   Include all your rough work.


3. Make a design for a pattern, which could be used – for example – in the printing of fabric. The pattern should be based on the abstraction, repetition and /or manipulation of the manufactured object you selected for drawing exercise A1. Use A4 paper and any technique. Include all your rough work.

4. Design and make a freestanding light/lamp. Think about the effect of your lamp/light in creating light and shadow. Explain your thought processes about light and shadow and what inspired the light. Include photographs of you in the process of designing and making the lamp. Include photographs of the finished product illustrating the light/lamp when it is lit up. Include all your rough work and design drawings. Please DO NOT send any original models or built lamps. You may use any material(s).

5. Design a poster advertising significant event, exhibition or conference that reflects what you consider socially relevant. Carefully judge the information that needs to be communicated as well as desired visual impact that you want to achieve. The poster must be on A3 paper (twice the size of this sheet- 420 x 297mm) and may be folded in half when sent in the post. Use any technique. Include your rough work.

6. Using drawings only (i.e no words) and any graphic technique you like, draw for a friend how to go on a journey from your house to your favourite local place. Use one sheet of A4 paper for this. Include some of your rough sketches/ work with each exercise.


Include a one-page written motivation in your portfolio giving reasons for wanting to study in this programme.


You may also submit copies or photographs of any other creative work such as drawings, sketches, paintings, or made objects (e.g. ceramics, clothing, carpentry, jewellery, wirework, beadwork, etc.). Please do not submit copies of more than six such items. Do not submit any physical objects or bulky framed artwork.


Please include together with your portfolio and written motivation, certified copies of all your most recent school results and ALL tertiary institution results if you have studied anything after high school. Please make sure that you submit a copy of your Official Transcript and results to the Admissions department as well.


The size of portfolio submissions should NOT exceed A3 (420 x 297mm). The drawings should NOT be rolled up nor put into cylindrical containers. As all official documents, e.g. academic results and transcripts, are filed, please ensure that they can be removed from your work.

Each loose section of your work must be clearly marked with your name. While the selection committee takes every care not to remove or damage any item, the University cannot be held responsible in any way for loss or damage to a whole or part of your work. Portfolios must be submitted with the BAS portfolio application form, provided with your online or paper process.

Final deadline for all applications to admissions is the 31st July and portfolios  29th September 2020. Late applications will not be considered.

Please note you may collect your portfolio in March 2021.

If you are not able to submit the portfolio electronically the option to submit the portfolio in hard copy will remain available. Deliver/courier or post portfolios (including all the prescribed tasks as described here, your letter of motivation and a copy of your latest school results) to:

The BAS Administrator
School of Architecture, Planning and Geomatics
University of Cape Town
Centlivres building
University Avenue
Upper Campus
7701 Rondebosch