Fadly Isaacs

Senior Lecturer

Fadly Isaacs joined the school in 2005 and teaches architectural design, and the history and theory of architecture. Prior to taking up this full-time appointment, Fadly was in private practice for seven years and taught at the school on a part-time basis. In 2003 he completed a Masters Degree in Infrastructure Planning at the University of Stuttgart, Germany. This programme focused on the integration of social, economic, ecological as well as architectural aspects of human settlement development. His current research (PhD) investigates the concept of spatial equity within the Cape Town metropolitan area using space syntax analysis as the methodological framework. This work is guided by a critical reading and personal passion in seeking to contribute to the spatial transformation of the contemporary South African city and is premised on the view that the urban form and lived experiences of people are implicitly connected.

As a practicing architect, he has in particular worked on the City of Cape Town’s Hostel to Homes programme. This project has strongly argued for and has demonstrated the merits of pursuing a dense urban housing model that acknowledges the private needs of the family as well as the importance of the built fabric in supporting a positive public realm. Notwithstanding the project’s limited available resources at the time, it successfully transformed the physical environment, at both the urban and domestic scale, as well as reshaping the lived experiences of residents. In 2003 it received a project award from the Institute for Housing of South Africa and in 2004 an Impumelelo Innovations Award.

In seeking to positively engage our contemporary architectural and urban challenges, in particular those aspects that require our urgent attention as citizens and professionals of the global South, Fadly seeks to critically reflect on notions of architectural place making, identity and justice. These concerns integrally inform and shape his teaching, research and practice experiences.

Contact Details:

Email: Fadly.Isaacs@uct.ac.za
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