Francis Carter

Senior Lecturer

BAS, BArch, MPhil, PrArch, PrCPM, MIA, RIBA

Francis Carter teaches design and architectural technology in the post-graduate professional programme of architectural studies, with a focus on strengthening the links between design thinking, making and implementation. His research qualification is in Higher Education Studies (MPhil with distinction, UCT), and he publishes work on the pedagogic structures of architectural knowledge. His administrative work supports academic development as an integral consideration of mainstream curriculum and pedagogy. He is a registered architect and construction project manager with experience across small and large public and private projects, and currently does limited scope consulting work on inhabitation strategies which inform brief development. He is a recipient of the University’s distinguished teacher award, and past chairperson of its Physical Planning and Landscape Sub-committee.

Scholarship: higher education studies / education of architects

2017: Feet on today, eyes on tomorrow. Folio: Journal of African Architecture, Volume 1 Winter 2017, 193-203.

2014: On the cultivation of decorum – development of the pedagogic discourse of architecture in France 1671 – 1968. In Young M. and Muller J. (eds) Knowledge, Expertise and the Professions, 128-142. Routledge.

2013: Structures of knowledge and pedagogy: a conceptual summary of disciplinary principles which inform qualifications for architects in South Africa. Journal of the Institute of South African Architects (Architecture South Africa), Issue 61 May/June 2013, 36-45.

2011: Pedagogic structuring of architectural knowledge: principles for modelling the design curriculum. UIA Congress Tokyo, Architectural Education Commission international competition for architectural research papers (mention).

2008: Inbetween the curriculum: rethinking the generic framework of professional education in architecture through the recontextualisation of new knowledge. Journal of the Institute of South African Architects (Architecture South Africa), March / April 2008, 60-64.

2007: Fractured Pedagogy: the design and implementation fault-line in architectural knowledge – a conceptual and historical analysis. MPhil in Higher Education Studies minor dissertation, UCT (supervisor Prof. Johan Muller).

2004: Revisiting Redress and Access in Architectural Education: an analysis of entry into the UCT undergraduate architectural programme,

1994 to 2004. Journal of the Institute of South African Architects (Architecture South Africa), Special Issue November / December 2004, 4-9.

1989: Architectural Education at Technikons. Research report for the Peninsula Technikon Architectural Section.

Opinion: architectural knowledge / official regulation

2012: What’s the problem with education for the ‘identification of architectural work’? Journal of the Institute of South African Architects (Architecture South Africa), Issue 52 January / February 2012, 51-52.

2010: What’s the problem with architectural research? Journal of the Institute of South African Architects (Architecture South Africa), March / April 2010, 42-46.

2008: Architectural practice and the university: four academic strategies for engagement. Journal of the Institute of South African Architects (Architecture South Africa) Special Issue November / December 2008, 69-72.

Academic Administration: departmental position papers / discussion documents

2015: Existing course in architecture at UCT (foundation course / intermediate course / professional entry course).

2015: BAS foundation programme: spatialisng the first and second year horizontal Studio.

2014: Pedagogic principles for staffing, School of Architecture UCT.

2013: Report back on BAS selection for 2014 entry.

2011: Architecture + Building Construction course development plan for undergraduate and postgraduate programmes in architecture.

2011: Notes on Centlivres brief development principles, and Notes on Centlivres order of magnitude cost plan 1.

2010: MArch(Prof) Course development notes.

2010: APG Teaching and Learning Workshop: Personal reflections of the teaching experience of full-time and adjunct staff.

2010: Comments on Centlivres project space plan and academic plan.

2009: APG Teaching and Learning Workshop: The learning experience of students.

2009: Pedagogic notes on BAS curriculum compaction, and Pedagogic notes on BAS(Hons) curriculum expansion.

2009: Notes on knowledge, research and staffing in the School of Architecture and Planning UCT.

2008: Report on attendance at the Architectural Association Visiting Teachers’ Programme, London (funded by NRF Knowledge Interchange and Collaboration travel grants and UCT Emerging Researcher Programme).

2008: APG Teaching and Learning Workshop: The teaching experience of part-time staff.

2007: Report of the Staff Working Group on work equity in the Architecture, Planning, Landscape Architecture and Urban Design Programmes of the School of Architecture Planning + Geomatics.

2005: Academic development plan pilot project in the School of Architecture and Planning.

2004: BAS strategic issues – access.

2003: Architectural Access Programme: Preliminary Report – surveying the terrain.

Contact details:

Phone: + 27 – 21 – 650 2375