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Architecture, Geomatics & Planning


If you are eager to develop your knowledge and understanding of society’s needs and possess the desire to contribute to the quality of life of all South Africans as well as the management of our heritage, then a career in the field of Geomatics is for you.

Geomatics is both an applied science and a professional discipline and it refers to the integrated approach of measurement, analysis, management and display of spatial data. Using the latest satellite, laser and information technology, Geomatics professionals are involved in planning, conducting and managing activities related to land and engineering surveying, information systems, land development and planning, land reform, law and commerce.

UCT was the first university in southern Africa to offer a degree in surveying and also to embrace the expanded discipline of geomatics. It remains one of the few institutions offering GIS specialisation at an undergraduate level and is recognised nationally and internationally for its excellence in geomatics education.

Geomaticians are making use of technological advances and branching into new and challenging areas of specialisation and research. An example of this is the Zamani project that was initiated in the Geomatics Division of UCT.

Due to a growing realisation that spatial information is a very valuable resource and that highly skilled individuals are needed to create, manage and analyse it, employment opportunities abound.

There is a shortage of professionals in surveying, geographic information science (GIS) and remote sensing in South Africa and abroad, resulting in good employment prospects. Career opportunities exist in private practices, aerial survey companies, offshore survey companies, mining houses and government. This is an ideal career for a person who enjoys mathematics and would like to have independence in their day-to-day work.

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