Heidi Boulanger


Heidi Boulanger is an architect, designer, spatial researcher, and lecturer at the University of Cape Town. 

Her research focuses on 21st Century socio-ecological spatial relationships and incorporates systemic- and biophilic architecture, regenerative design, ecological urbanism and urban rewilding, sustainable construction, adaptive re-use and ‘waste’ as both an architectural resource and opportunity. 

She practiced as a Professional Architect and independent spatial researcher for close to a decade before joining UCT as a full-time lecturer in 2021. She completed her M.Arch (cum laude) at the University of Pretoria in 2013, finishing first in her class and receiving the National Corobrik Student of the Year Award (2013). She is the recipient the LafargeHolcim Award for Sustainable Construction (2014 and 2017) and the LafargeHolcim Next Generation Research in Practice Grant (2018). She also received a CIFA Commendation for built work with studioMAS in 2019, where she acted as Lead Designer, Project Architect and Principal Agent. She has been involved with the Lafarge Holcim Foundation for Sustainable Construction on various research projects and conferences (Beirut, 2014), (New York, 2015), (Nairobi, 2017), (Mexico City, 2018), (Cairo, 2019), (Zurich, 2019), and was also an invited guest speaker at the 2018 AZA (Tshwane). 

Heidi co-convenes the BASIII Design, Tech and Independent Research courses and has focused her teaching towards more sustainable and ecologically-focused architecture and construction strategies. She is also a member of the  Future Water Institute, and the coordinator of the APG MediaLab – a creative entity within the school that focuses on APG Communication and Digital Media. 

Contact Details:

Email: Heidi.Boulanger@uct.ac.za
Phone : +27 (0)21 650 3705
Fax: +27 (0)21 650 2383