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Landscape Architecture

Architecture, Geomatics & Planning

Master of Landscape Architecture

The Master of Landscape Architecture programme is a rapidly growing and exciting area of study at UCT. Landscape architecture is an environmental design and planning profession with an emphasis on the innovative design and planning of the exterior environment. It is a well established profession that is responding to the rising environmental and cultural consciousness of landscape in South Africa and the world.

Through the study and practice of landscape architecture you will learn about creative landscape design and environmental planning and management. The course also explores the relationship between disciplines in the natural sciences and those which are concerned with the design of the built environment, through the use of applied principles derived from ecological, urban, landscape, cultural and social studies.

The Master of Landscape Architecture degree programme is a two year, full-time or three year extended course. It is integrated with related programmes in Architecture, Urban Design and City and Regional Planning.

The course equips the graduate with the necessary values, knowledge and skills to fulfil a valuable role in either the public (working for the City) or the private sector (establishing private firms), in dealing with diverse environmental and design issues, at a range of scales from broad landscape planning to detailed site design.

The course combines theory through the various lecture courses, with practice in the form of design studios and field trips. Emphasis in the curriculum is placed on developing an understanding of landscape systems, and on the conservation and sustainable use of natural resources.