Nic Coetzer

Associate Professor

Nic Coetzer is an Associate Professor in the department and teaches mainly in the undergraduate programme with a focus on design, and history and theory of architecture. After graduating from the University of Natal in 1994, Nic pursued an M.Arch at the University of Colorado where he taught in 1997. After working and registering as an architect in Denver Nic moved to London in 1999 and completed his Ph.D. at the Bartlett School at the University of London in 2004. Nic’s interest in space, identity and power and the ideological basis of architectural discourse was defined through his thesis ‘The Production of the City as a White Space: Representing and Restructuring Identity and Architecture, Cape Town, 1892-1936.’ Nic has also developed a research interest in design teaching, and in particular, what defines the limits of architectural pedagogy. These ideas and interests have a strong impact on Nic’s teaching which is student-focused with an emphasis on creativity, ideas, and design process. Apart from many refereed publications in South African Journal of Art History and Architecture South Africa, Nic has also contributed chapters in 10+ Years 100+ Buildings, Architecture in a democratic South Africa and, Material Matters. Architecture and Material Practice. Most recently Nic has worked with Don Albert in producing a monograph of Don’s work in Soundspacedesign. Nic is also a contributor to Architecture SA, and has taken up a regular column in the journal. Nic has been an external examiner at the University of Pretoria, University of the Witwatersrand, and the University of the Free State for both theory and design in undergraduate and postgraduate degrees. He has also been a jury critic at the Bartlett School as well as the University of Westminster. Notwithstanding his passionate engagement with theory and teaching, Nic manages to test some of his design-teaching ideas through small-scale interventions in the physical world. At present Nic is the undergraduate degree programme convenor and is writing his first book Building Apartheid – On Architecture and Order in Imperial Cape Town to be published through Ashgate.

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