Social Responsiveness

The School of Architecture, Planning and Geomatics

For the duration of 2015, the 3rd Year Bachelor of Architectural Studies (BAS) studio was devoted to facilitating three community engagement projects with three different community partners. These projects were coordinated and managed by Mike Louw and other BAS staff. The first project entailed a design-built initiative in Imizamo Yethu with community leaders and residents. The project is titled: the Imizamo Yethu platform.

  2015 Platform - reinforcing  2015 Platform - casting concrete  2015 BAS 3rd Year Students
2015: 'Platform' construction

      2014 Platform - Casting   2014 Platform - Complete
2014: 'Platform' construction

The overarching aim of the second community engagement projects was to design a multi-purpose hall for the Chrysalis Academy in Tokai. Students spent time on site, interacted with and learned from staff based at the Academy before producing designs for the proposed hall. Members of the Academy were involved during the design process, and they evaluated final proposals, of which the top five projects were given to them so they could use these proposals to support their funding applications.

Finally, third year students actively engaged with residents from Salt River for the purpose of mapping how public spaces are used by residents in Salt River. This mapping exercise culminated in a public exhibition that took place in Salt River. Some of the projects are featured on the Future Cape Town website.
This extract taken from UCT's 'Social Responsiveness Report 2014 - 2015'