Stephen Townsend

Adjunct Associate Professor

Stephen Townsend convenes the M Phil (Conservation of the Built Environment) programme which has run since 2009. He also runs three CPD courses which have trained nearly 250 participants in the last seven years.

He graduated in architecture at the University of Cape Town in 1978 (including two years at the Technical University of Delft in the Netherlands); he obtained a diploma (equivalent to a masters degree) in the study and restoration of monuments at the University of Rome in 1985; and he completed a doctorate at the University of Cape Town in 2003 (thesis entitled Development Rights and Conservation Constraints).

He has worked as an architect in a variety of circumstances; he helped establish and headed the City of Cape Town’s urban conservation unit for ten years; and headed the City of Cape Town’s land use management branch for nine years. He has lectured and published on the legislation and administration of land-use controls generally and on the conservation-oriented control of development, in particular. He chaired the Cape Institute for Architecture’s planning and environment and its heritage committees for ten years. He is a Member of the Cape Institute for Architecture and the South African Institute for Architecture, a Member of the Association of Professional Heritage Practitioners, and an Associate Member of the South African Planning Institute. He also worked for a year and a half as the CEO of the Western Cape provincial heritage resources authority, Heritage Western Cape; and, since mid-2010, he has been a member of its Council, its Executive Committee and several of its committees, one of which, the Impact Assessment Committee, he chairs. He consults when he is not teaching or assisting Heritage Western Cape.


Contact Details:

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Fax: +27 (0)21 650 2383