Vanessa Watson

Emeritus Professor

Is currently a senior research scholar in the City and Regional Planning post-graduate programme in the School of Architecture, Planning and Geomatics, and is a founder and executive member of the African Centre for Cities at UCT.

She publishes and is on the editorial boards of several international journals in the field of city planning, and is the Global South Editor of Urban Studies. Her field of research is planning theory, and she is PI on a research project funded by ESRC/Dfid called Consuming Urban Poverty, and PI of the Dfid funded project Planning and Corruption in Africa, both operating under the auspices of the African Centre for Cities

Recent Publications:

Journal articles:

Watson V (2020 in press): Decolonizing Planning Education: perspectives from the global south. Arcplan

Skinner C and V Watson (2020): Planning and informal food traders under Covid-19: the South African case.  Town Planning Review, Viewpoint.

Watson, V (2020): Digital Visualisation As a New Driver of Urban Change in Africa, Urban Planning,   DOI: 10.17645/up.vXiX.2989

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Open access at

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